Lulu’s What to Eat this Winter!

Lulu is our furry master of the office. She may be canine, but she also knows Santa Fe like the back of her paw. She has been checking out some of the restaurants in town lately, new and old favorites. She asked me to help her type up a list of her suggestions (opposable thumbs and all).


Some of the new spots she has fallen in love with include:


Small and intimate French Bistro with an authentic feel and taste. It is on the pricier side, but Lulu demands we treat ourselves as frequent as possible. Located on the corner of Galisteo and Alameda, this newer establishment is fantastic for a romantic night out.


Shake Foundation

Are you just in the mood for one of the best burgers and thickest milkshakes (who cares if it’s the same temperature as outside) you’ve ever had. Lulu and I are drooling just thinking about their green chile cheeseburger and chocolate shake!


La Choza:

An old standby in Santa Fe, Lulu thinks she recommended this perfect New Mexican Cuisine last year, but she cannot get those chile rellanos our of her mind. It is the sister restaurant of The Shed (located right downtown and next to our office), La Choza is more of a locals haunt.


Shohko Cafe:

Even Lulu knows the last thing anyone thinks of when they think of Santa Fe is good sushi. Alas, be wonderfully surprised and fret not, they do have green chile sushi!! Shohko has been in business for decades and her impeccable and perfectly made sushi is a testament to why.


We have more suggestions, but all this talk about human food has us heading out the door for some lunch! You will likely see at one of the above! We practice what we bark!