Lulu’s Guide to Doggie Day Care for Mommys Day Out

We love our dogs because they are a part of our family. Lulu may be a part of the family…but she is also the Matriarch. She wanted to share a few of her ideas of what you can do with her canine cousins while you were away for the day skiing, snowshoeing or whatever it is that people do that where we for one reason or another isn’t allowed to participate.

After a long afternoon perusing the web and taking little secret shopper tours around Santa Fe, she has compiled a list of places for you to temporarily let your canine companions have as much fun, if not more fun than you out on those slopes freezing your tails off.


In short, this is her list:

Santa Fe Tails
drop off is 7am and pick up is 7pm on the weekdays
Plenty of time for you to come down from the slopes, remove the icicles from your mustache and pick up Fido.

2109 Warner Circle
Santa Fe NM, 87505

Barks and Bubbles
drop off is 7:30, but she didn’t get a straight answer about pick up times.

311 Calle Nava
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Lucky Dog Daycare drop off is 7:30 with pickup at 6pm

1124 A Calle La Rosalana
Santa Fe, NM 87507


Lulu’s Disclaimer: Lulu has not been to any of these Doggie Daycares, but she has friends who visit and they came back happy.